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Furnishing a home can be a costly endeavor, especially when it comes to buying furniture and carpets. However, various grants and financial assistance programs in the UK can help ease the burden of these expenses. In this article, we will discuss the grants available for furniture and carpets in the UK in 2023 and the requirements to qualify for them.

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner, a low-income family or someone facing financial hardship, a grant or assistance program may help you with the cost of furniture and carpets.

We’ll go over the different types of grants available, the application process, and the criteria you’ll need to meet to be eligible for the assistance.

Grants for Furniture and Carpets

According to Charity End Poverty, ” budget cuts have made it more complex than ever for people to apply for help getting furniture. ” One in five people live in an area without local authority crisis support. There is good news for you! And the good news is there is help.

There are grants available to those who need to make their homes worth living in. Several charities and nonprofit organizations also provide free or cheap items to people who need them.

Furniture projects and charities offer free or very low-cost furniture and carpets for people earning little or struggling financially. Grants are free, and you receive payment in cash. Credit goes tthrough a company that provides furniture, carpets, or any other items you need to be delivered to you.

You can also use a furniture grant to cover a specific expense.

You may require furniture for your infant, couches or chairs, beds, carpets and floors, electric heaters, dining tables, and baby bedding when it comes to home stuff.

There are many different places you can apply for free furniture or carpet grants which cover the cost of things you need. Often, most providers only offer a lump sum for one item of furniture, so you should apply to a few other places.




In this article, we will look at grants for furniture and carpets. We will also look at every detail and information about these grants. Read to the end of this article to get the answers to your questions.

Can I Get Help with Decorating Costs?

Depending on your location and circumstances, there may be assistance available for decorating costs. Here are a few options to consider:

  1. Government programs: Depending on where you live, your government may offer financial assistance for home repairs, renovations, and decorating. For example, in the UK, the government’s “Warm Front” scheme provides grants to help low-income households with the cost of insulation, heating and decorating.
  2.  Charitable organizations: Some philanthropic organizations offer assistance with decorating costs, particularly for low-income families or those facing financial hardship. For example, Habitat for Humanity may provide volunteer labor and discounted materials to help with home repairs and decorating.
  3.  Community organizations: Local community organizations, such as churches or civic groups, may also offer assistance with decorating costs.
  4.  Employer’s assistance: Some employers may offer help with decorating costs for employees’ homes.
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It is essential to check what assistance may be available and the requirements for eligibility in your area. Some assistance may target specific groups such as veterans, people with disabilities, or senior citizens.

Requirements for Grants for Furniture and Carpets in UK

In the UK, various organizations and government programs offer grants for furniture and carpets. The requirements for these grants may vary depending on the organization or program. However, some general requirements that may apply to many of these grants include the following:

  • Proof of financial need
  •  Eligibility is based on specific criteria such as low income, disability, or being a victim of domestic violence
  •  Proof of residence in the area the grant is for
  •  A particular application process and documentation requirements

It’s essential to research the specific grant programs that you want, and review their requirements carefully. Additionally, you should contact the organization or government agency directly for more information about the application process and any specific requirements.

Best Grants for Furniture and Carpets in UK

Here are our top picks on the best grants for furniture and carpets in UK in 2023:

  1. Family fund grant
  2. Greggs Foundation
  3. Turn2us
  4. Local council grants for furniture :
  5. Freecycle
  6. Reuse Network

1. Family fund grant

The family fund assists families raising a child or young person with a disability or severe illness up to 18 years in the united kingdom. You can apply for essential items like sensory toys, family breaks, bedding, tablets, outdoor play equipment, carpets, clothing, and computers.

The family fund provides grants for items like lamps, curtains, rugs, carpets, and furniture such as beds, desks, and sofas. They partner with Argos which you will receive a gift card you can use in either stores or online at or through the Argos app.

You will have to use all furniture and household awards within 60 days of your grant acceptance letter date to be funded by family funds.

2. Greggs Foundation 

The Greggs Foundation offers a hardship fund and charitable grants for struggling people. Their grants can help fund items when you face profound life changes, such as needing furniture for a newborn baby.

It can cover up to £150 for household items like beds and bedding, clothing, carpets, and flooring. The grants solely operate in North-East England, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Durham, and Teesside. You will have to submit the application through a social organization.

3. Turn2us

Turn2us provides a search tool to find grants. You can search by adding your postcode, age, and gender. They can help you by finding support services and local charities best suited to your situation or problem.

To be sure you are receiving the financial aid for which you are qualified, they also provide a helpful benefits calculator. If you need clarification about where you can find grants, especially if you are moving into a new home but don’t have money to furnish the house or living on a low income, then turn2us is what You need.

4. Local council grants for furniture :

Local councils have a discretionary budget to support people with essential furniture and white goods grants when they have limited or low income.

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We recommend that you speak with your local council directly to see if they may assist you because each handles the application process differently and has various qualifying requirements.

On the government website, you may also look for your local government. Look up phrases like crisis support or neighborhood welfare aid programs.

You can also phone the housing division of your regional government.

If your local council does not offer support, they can suggest a local scheme, fund, or other benefits that might help you.

5. Freecycle

When people no longer need their furniture and other home things, they can offer them on the website Freecycle. Many of these items are of excellent quality, and sometimes people give them away when they don’t have time to sell them or don’t want them to be dumped in the landfill.

As well as free furniture, you are likely to find other household items, even white goods, and kitchen items.

6. Reuse Network 

Reuse network is not a free option but is much more affordable. Rather than allowing quality furniture to go to landfills, the reuse network helps to get the furniture to people who need them. In 2020, the Reuse network helped over 1.5 million households in the UK get furniture and electrical items and saved homes £427.6 million in costs.

This network can show you where to find reuse centers locally to obtain furniture, electrical items, IT equipment, paint, flooring and carpets, and textiles.

Reuse and Freecycle are other options you can try if you are not eligible for the grants.

Does a Grant Have to Be Paid Back in Uk?

Grants in the UK are generally a form of financial assistance that does not require you to pay back. They are typically awarded based on specific criteria, such as financial need, location, or the purpose of the grant.

However, some grants may have conditions attached to them, and in some cases, these conditions may include that the grant needs to be paid back if the conditions are not met.

For example, some grants may be awarded to small businesses to help them start or expand, with the understanding that the grant will be repaid if the company is successful.

Other grants may be awarded to individuals or organizations to help with specific projects, with the understanding that any equipment or other assets purchased with the grant will be used for the intended purpose and will be returned or sold if the grant is not used for that purpose.

It’s important to carefully read the terms and conditions of any grant you are considering applying for to understand the requirements and whether or not you will have to pay the grant back or not. Also, we recommend you speak with the grant provider to clarify any doubts.

FAQs – Grants for Furniture and Carpets in UK

Will the council carpet my house?

It depends on the specific council and its policies. Some boards in the UK may offer a service to carpet houses for eligible individuals, such as those on a low income or receiving certain benefits. It’s best to check with your local council to determine if they provide this service and if you qualify.

Is grant money refundable?

Grants are generally considered non-repayable funds, meaning they do not have to be repaid like a loan. However, certain conditions may apply to the use of the grant money, and if these conditions still need to be met, the grant money may have to be returned or be considered a loan. It is essential to review the specific terms and conditions of the grant program before accepting the funds to ensure that you understand the requirements and any potential consequences for not meeting them.

Do landlords have to provide carpets UK?

In the UK, landlords are not legally required to provide carpets or flooring, but they are necessary to ensure that the property is fit for habitation. This means that the flooring must be in a good state of repair, safe, and not dangerous to the tenants’ health. In practice, this means that the flooring should be free of holes, rot, and other hazards and should not be in such a state that it causes dampness, rot, or any other problem.

Are grants taxable income?

In the UK, most grants are not considered taxable income as long as they are used for the specific purpose they were given. However, the utilization of some donations for income-generating activities or the receipt of benefits by the grantor may make them taxable. It is essential to check with the grantor or consult a tax professional to determine if a grant is taxable.

What is a furniture grant?

They are grants available to those who need to make their homes worth living in. Several charities and nonprofit organizations also provide free or cheap items to people who need them.
Furniture projects and charities offer free or very low-cost furniture and carpets for people earning little or struggling financially. Grants are free, and you receive payment in cash. Credit goes through a company that provides furniture, carpets, or any other items you need to be delivered to you.

Can I get a sofa from family fund?

Family funds offer items such as curtains, beds and sofas, lamps, curtains, and desks.


This is all on furniture grants. Suppose you have been worried about moving into your new home without furniture and carpets, struggling financially, living on a low income, and are seeking for the heavy weight of expenses to be lifted off your shoulders. In that case, you can try out all these options given to you in this article. Ensure to check out all these websites, their application process, and eligibility


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