20 Colleges With The Happiest Students in 2023


Going to college is more challenging than it seems; it is one of the most challenging phases of student life. Students will continue enjoying their stay on or outside the campus. Before we continue, this article explores the best colleges with the happiest students in 2023.

In the recent edition of the Princeton Review, many colleges showed that they promote academic excellence and value their student well being. Universities have different benefits for students; the common denominator is how they have successfully found the balance between the demand of academics and the excitement of extracurricular activities.

Let’s get into the best colleges with the happiest students in 2023.

What is the Biggest Stress for College Students?

Students seek something beyond what the classroom experience can offer. They need to get into the campus culture and participate in events that enhance their college life to be the happiest students.

Student satisfaction depends on how universities assist them in dealing with every challenge they face. These Challenges that students face include the following:

Mental health suffers

Mental fatigue usually occurs in college students owing to burdensome academic demands. Some students have to deal with psychological problems like panic attacks, depression, and anxiety.

Colleges assist students by providing mental health services, increased information dissemination, and orientation sessions. Some universities even offer mental health screenings, permitting students to access free mental health checkups regularly.

Lack of funds

This is one of the main challenges in getting a quality education. Many students don’t have enough finances, forcing them to drop out of school before graduating because they cannot afford college degrees.

Fortunately, many schools offer financial assistance to their students, such as student loans, scholarships, grants, and other financial aid forms.

Time management: one of the most significant challenges students face is managing their time correctly. Time management is the key to helping them succeed in their academic life. Some universities offer part-time and online classes and options for students. This is such a massive help as it provides convenience and flexibility.

Does College Make You Happier?

A college education is essential to a better and happier life for people, families, and communities. Individuals with higher education are more likely to live longer, healthier, and more satisfying lives.

What Makes Colleges with the Happiest Students?

More than money or physical health, research has proven that the quality of social interactions is the best predictor of happiness. Both youngsters and adults may attest to that.

Both adults and children require more emotional support, so it’s crucial to put additional effort into creating a sense of community. According to Hinton, educators, particularly those who continue to teach online, should look for new methods to engage students, such as hosting online social gatherings or virtual office hours.

Other ways include helping them practice gratitude, incorporating humor in their daily activities, and supporting others.

Best Colleges with the Happiest Students

Here are our top picks on the colleges with the happiest students in 2023:

  1. Brown University
  2. Vanderbilt university:
  3. College of William and Mary
  4. Kansas State University
  5. University of Iowa:
  6. Fairfield university
  7. University of California, Berkeley
  8. Princeton University
  9. Dartmouth University
  10. The University of Pennsylvania
  11. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  12. Clemson University
  13. Rice University
  14. Florida state university
  15. John Hopkins University
  16. Duke University
  17. Yale University
  18. University of Notre Dame
  19. Cornell University:
  20. Columbia University
  21. University of North Alabama:

#1. Brown University

It is known for its student-centered learning. Brown is a leading research university that aims to cultivate creativity and intellectual happiness amongst its students to pursue academic excellence.

Hence, it is considered one of the colleges with the happiest students.

The university ensures that students are given scholarships and grants in their financial aid packages, making Brown very affordable to everyone, no matter their socio-economic background. Academic excellence is given to students. Students can also explore other college life areas through athletics and recreation.

Brown provides a diverse campus community, allowing faculty, staff, and students to deal with complex issues and understand the crucial issues faced by society. Health and wellness are also taken seriously at this university.

Students take advantage of the countless dedicated services that will help maintain their health and wellness. This includes health promotion services, emergency medical services, counseling, and psychological services, student accessibility services, and support services.

#2. Vanderbilt university:

Vanderbilt university provides a culture where academic excellence and an involved and enjoyable student experience meet. Although the university can be academically challenging, it has cultivated some of the country’s happiest students because of an outstanding balance between school and social life.

Students get to experience the wonders and beauty of Nashville as the city is right behind them. The university has 30 dining halls, 18 dining locations, and over 35 clubs and varsity teams. This allows students to explore and cultivate their passion with limitless possibilities.

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This university also prioritizes health, wellness, and safety, letting students access various resources and services. For instance, a student health center offers services from managing chronic diseases to providing acute care requirements.

To guarantee that their mental and emotional well-being demands are fulfilled and satisfied, students can speak with the professionals at the university counseling center.

#3. College of William and Mary

The college of William and Mary prides a stunning campus and vibrant community where engagement and success are made. The main attraction on campus includes lake Matoaka, college woods, and Martha wren Briggs amphitheater.

Student enjoys a wide range of facilities and resources that helps them to reach their full potential. Students can access the Muscarella museum of art and Earl Gregg library, and to replenish their energy because of the tedious and numberless demands of coursework, they can visit all-you-care-to-eat facilities. Additionally, they can locate several national franchises, a bakeshop, a food court, and five specialized coffee shops.

Students enjoy great fun traditions that go way beyond conventional. This school has festive events such as yule log (a winter celebration with live holiday music, book reading, and a warm treat of hot cider and sugar cookies), welcome ceremony, and delicious picnic dinner with live music (for incoming class)

#4. Kansas State University

This is a place where everybody feels at home and considers one another as family. It doesn’t matter if it is an alumnus, recent graduate, long-time professor, or freshman. It is one college with the happiest students.

A diverse student population maintains this tradition. Also, this university is committed to diversity and inclusion, which is demonstrated by their students’ educational privileges, including open enrollment regardless of race, gender, or creed.

Students are given opportunities to grow beyond academic excellence. They can harness their leadership skills by joining student governing associations and planning local events through the union program council.

Students who love culture and arts can watch a play or take the stage, drop by a gallery or exhibit, and more.

#5. University of Iowa: 

The University of Iowa has stunning and picturesque sights on and around campus. They ensure students have a wide variety of programs and fields to give them plenty of choices. This university provides students with a life-transforming life-transforming educational experience.

Students can also enjoy sustainable scholarships to support rich college life by choosing students organization and divisions of student life where students can seek educational services and activities beyond the classroom, such as mid-day mindfulness arranged by students’ wellness.

Students who live on campus can enjoy the cultural community in a residence hall with a complete set of amenities such as marketplaces and convenience stores.

#6. Fairfield university 

In this university, students are encouraged to think critically, allowing them to take part in free and open inquiries while fostering their religious and ethical values. Students get rewarded with a $15,000 grant if they submit a winning proposal that impacts the campus’ sustainability issue.

Fairfield university has a state-of-the-art Fairfield Recplex with an extensive cardio suite and a complete indoor track. There are various food delicacies from multiple restaurants around Connecticut, where the far field is located.

They also have a variety of housing alternatives, including townhouses connected by fiber optics and conventional resident halls.

#7. University of California, Berkeley

As one of the colleges with the happiest students, this university is in a vibrant urban setting, UGC offers a richness of experiences to its students. There are many options, performances, events, and activities.

The Pacific Film Archive and Berkeley Art Museum are lovely places to visit if you enjoy watching movies. The botanical park, home to over 13,000 plants from all over the world, visitors may go on nature walks and sightseeing excursions.

Sports are valued at Berkeley, with students encouraged to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Online and virtual fitness classes are also offered at this university. Students can choose among various student organizations, including cal Greeks, choral ensembles, campus newspapers, and many more.

#8. Princeton University

Princeton University is one of the country’s best and leading private institutions. It offers a vibrant and active community for students who want to gain a quality degree and embody the learning that serves humanity.

Princeton University offers several awards for undergraduates without payback requirements and with family incomes of at least $65,000. At Princeton, grants pay the entire cost of tuition, housing, and board. Their Ph.D. students are guaranteed funding as long as their academic performance is satisfactory.

This school’s generosity is recognized in the united states. As a matter of their aid programs allow 82% of the student to graduate debt free. At Princeton University, campus life offers students an enriching experience by organizing educational and social programming initiatives along with support services and outreach.

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Campus life also takes students’ mental, physical, and emotional health seriously through one of its initiatives which are fully accredited healthcare faculty that allows students and their dependents various services, including mental counseling and psychological and health promotion and prevention.

Princeton allows talented students from all backgrounds to engage and connect with their identities through various activities organized by their centers and groups. Some groups include the field center for equality and cultural understanding, the women’s center, the LGBTQ center, Davis international center, and many more.

#9. Dartmouth University

Some landmarks on the campus include the Hood Museum of Art, Hopkins Center for the Arts, Dartmouth Library, and many more. This university often holds exciting events and learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

Some events include medi quick, mindfulness drop-in summer sessions, the Donald Claflin jewelry studio, and more.

Dartmouth has a diverse community of students, staff, and faculty. Inclusion and diversity are critical components of the collegiate experience. The dining experience is stellar, allowing the student to enjoy locally sourced foods, specialty dishes, and various cuisines by chefs in dining areas and cafes.

#10. University of Pennsylvania

One of the best and top leading universities, the University of Pennsylvania uses an interdisciplinary approach to education that permits students to pursue adventure and follow their passion.

Students can take advantage of Penn’s grant-based financial aid program, with 46% of undergraduate students having that kind of help from 2018 to 2019.

Students interested in the arts and cultures can visit renowned organizations like the Penn Museum, Arthur Rose Gallery, Annenberg Center, and many others.

Also, student health and wellness are looked after by Penn, which commits to providing the necessary support, resources, and tools. Some best medical service providers are available to students, including Penn dental medicine and the University of Pennsylvania Health System.

#11. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Located in Blacksburg, Virginia, this tech campus includes over 200 buildings, 2600 acres, and an airport. Students are provided with an ideal environment for learning and growth.

Holistic education is encouraged, and opportunities for leadership, innovation, and service are provided. The cookies can enjoy the award-winning dining experience, health and wellness programs, and hundreds of student clubs and organizations.

This university encourages a barrier-free environment with equal access to every student from every background.

#12. Clemson University

Students can access medical services, psychological services, and counseling if needed. Clemson provides diverse programs and opportunities to assist staff and students in raising awareness and promoting critical understanding to showcase diversity.

This includes celebratory and educational events and fun-filled activities.

Clemson takes part in bowman field, enjoys performances at Robert Howell brooks center for performing arts, and takes the scenic route at Carillion garden.

#13. Rice University

Located in Houston, Rice University assists its students with their educational challenges through its office for academic advising.

Students are supported in terms of their intellectual, emotional, and cultural well-being, and this college provides and allows all.

Students are encouraged to join student organizations and various interests such as athletic, academic, political, religious, media, culture, and performance.

This university promotes health and wellness through Barbara and David Gibbs’s recreation and wellness center with programs like SWEAT (scheduled weekly exercises and activity times) and mind & body for yoga classes.

#14. Florida state university 

Known as the elite research university, diversity is widely accepted in this university with the nationally recognized effort since 2014 with the higher education excellence in diversity (HEED) Awards.

Florida has won over 80 ACC team championships across 14 different sports. Students can enjoy the recreational facilities at bobby E, a leach center featuring aerobic classes, an indoor track, and a 16-lane indoor pool.

#15. John Hopkins University

Students often receive loan-free financial aid packages in this school, which fully meet their needs. This prevents the student from being in heavy debt once they graduate. The campus has one of the best daily meals and recently recognized dining programs as the 6th best college for food.

The students have many food choices, from vegan and vegan-friendly to gluten-free and many more. Access to the arts is effortless whether the students’ passion like singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, or playing an instrument.

Also, students can take advantage of their student health and wellness center for their health problems. Primary care, such as injury and illness treatment, routine gynecological care, and immunization, is available and free.

#16. Duke University

Their culture of diversity, including all gender and races, and equity are promoted through educational opportunities and resources with the office for institutional equity leadership.

The university ensures that everybody has access to a wide range of wellness resources and support through the duke student wellness center, which provides:

  • Telemental health support.
  • Counseling.
  • Psychological services.
  • Wellness experience through DuWell and healthcare services through students’ health.
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#17. Yale University

Founded in 1701, students are given learning opportunities beyond just the classroom. Some research center at yale includes the binger center for the new theater, the economic growth center, the center for infectious diseases modeling and analysis, and many more.

Yale University nurtures and cultures arts. Their calendar features lots of exhibits and performances throughout the entire year. Students can take advantage of the free museum and gallery admission to indulge their curiosity, be it at the yale center for British art, sterling memorial library, Peabody Museum of Natural History, and so much more.

Students interested in physical activity can use the university’s premium facilities like yale bowl, Ingalls park, carol Roberts field house, and John J. Lee amphitheater.

#18. University of Notre Dame

About 69% of undergraduate students received financial aid in the 2019-2020 academic year, with a median need-based scholarship at $47,000. This school is dedicated to advancing diversity, sustainability, and inclusivity.

There are host events in the college that students can take part in. The students enjoy campus eateries, 500 student clubs and groups, and five recreation venues.

#19. Cornell University: 

Cornell has supported and saved students from dropping through its robust need-based financial aid program. In 2020 Cornell was awarded $281 million in undergraduate grants.

Their graduate schools support 97% of on-campus students in research Ph.D. programs. The aid packages include tuition fees, a living allowance, and a stipend. Students can join hundreds of diverse groups, activities, and clubs created to gain understanding, appreciate and practice diversity.

Students in arts and culture can take part in art exhibits, start a dance group and nurture their creativity and talent. Some facilities to support this course in Johnson museum of art, Cornell university library collections and exhibitions, and the Schwartz center for performing arts.

#20. Columbia University

This university provides plenty of learning and improvement opportunities; students can take part in various clubs, resources, and activities spanning cultural, athletic, and academic interests.

By providing students with services and initiatives Alice, including health promotion, counseling, psychiatric services, disability services, homosexual health advocacy project, medical services, and sexual violence response, they also prioritize their students’ wellbeing.

Students can study visual arts, music, dance, cinema, and literary arts because of the accessibility of arts programs and resources.

#21. University of North Alabama:

This university has been a home of thriving entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, and educators. It is one of the most affordable tuition in the united states. They offer several ways to provide financial aids, which include student loans, scholarships, work-study and student employment programs, grants, and private and alternative loans.

Students may also use university event management, counseling, and health services. Fitness and recreation programs are widely available.

One of these programs is the personal training program with varying services such as fitness equipment orientation, private consultation with a trainer assessing the current working program, nutrition consultation evaluating dietary habits, and goal setting.

There are also organized spring group exercises, including cardio, cycling, yoga, hip-hop, and Zumba.

FAQs – Colleges with the Happiest Students

What college has the happiest students?

Brown University
Vanderbilt university:
College of William and Mary
Kansas State University
University of Iowa:
Fairfield university
University of California, Berkeley
Princeton University
Dartmouth University
University of Pennsylvania
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Clemson University
Rice University
Florida state university
John Hopkins University
Duke University
Yale University
University of Notre Dame
Cornell University:
Columbia University
University of North Alabama:

What brings students happiness?

Encourage others. According to Hinton, “if you want to be happy and grow, you should focus on aiding others.” An excellent way to start is by encouraging students to practice kindness daily. Alternatively, instructors can select a cause to focus on as a class. Humor should be used.

What makes the students enjoy the class?

Talk less generally and interact with pupils more. Your pupils will be more engaged in what they are studying the more dynamic and technologically advanced your class is.


Being a student can be physically, emotionally, psychologically, and mentally draining. A school that cares for your needs is essential for your well-being and happiness. These are the list of colleges with the happiest students.

If you are looking for a school that supports and encourages you to succeed, takes your mental health and nutrition seriously, guides you through your academic journey, and helps you throughout your turbulent and challenging years in college, then you can pick any of these schools.


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